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Google AdWords, Social Media / Facebook, E-Commerce / Sales and Email Newsletters.

Our goal is to get you the biggest return in the most efficient ways for your nonprofit’s goals.

If you are not sure where to start we have found that Google Ad Grants is the biggest marketing opportunity that is being underutilized by nonprofits. An extra $330/day in free advertising will make a big impact on your charitywhen managed correctly.

The Google Grant process and program is tedious for those that don’t use it every day. We make it easy.

With Sunray Marketing you get a team of Google Certified AdWords experts. We have been working with AdWords since it began in 2004. That’s over a decade of AdWords experience.

You may qualify for $10,000 in FREE AdWords credits every single month – that’s $120,000 every year! Don’t miss another month of $10,000 in free advertising.

Weather it is Google Ad Grants, starting an Email Newsletter, and E-Commerce Merchandise Store, or enhancing your Facebook and Social Medai we look forward to working with you.

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100% Services

Set up and manage your $120,000 yearly Google Ad Grant marketing campaign


Raising awareness of your purpose and sharing of information through 24/7 Google advertising


Networking through Social Media with volunteers looking for opportunities


Providing updated infromation through your personal email newsletter.


Facebook campaigns, updates and management.


Website Development CSS/HTML


Entertaining and inspriing video production


Increased revenue through e-commerce sales of merchandise and ticket sales.

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